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What is ViraBox?

Clinicians with inadequate access to standard personal protective equipment (PPE) have been compelled to improvise protective barrier enclosures for use during procedures manipulating the airway like endotracheal intubation. We developed a transparent plexiglass cube designed to cover a patient’s head and that incorporates two circular ports through which the clinician’s hands are passed to perform the airway procedure.

Who does the ViraBox help?

One of the biggest challenges in curbing the spread of this virus is that it is communicable in contact and droplets, but during certain manipulation of the airway (or airway procedures), the virus can be aerosolized, which increases risk of exposure to the health care workers.

The Virabox provides with its innovative design and engineering additional protection between medical staff and patient when performing aerosolized procedures (like endotracheal intubations, bronchoscopies, etc) in a patient with known or suspected COVID-19.

What are the benefits of using the ViraBox?

Performing procedures on COVID-19 patients that can aerosolized the virus are considered extremely high-risk procedure for health care workers. Virabox has been engineer design reduce this risk by containing the aerosols generated by the patient during this high risk procedures.

Why is the ViraBox better than alternatives?

We found that alternative internet box design restricted hand movement and would require training before use in the treatment of patients. In addition, this alternative box is very narrow and will be inadequate for use of bigger patient with high BMI. Virabox has been design to provide more functionality, including the ability to accommodate different sized people and permit easy access to the patient to allow the dexterity required for precise medical procedures.